How can we improve the security at our premises and if we take on your security guards, do you check on them?

Site surveys are of the utmost importance to pinpoint problem areas and to then make recommendations on how to correct these problems. Inspections, together with any observations, are recorded in an Occurrence Book (OB), which is available for the clients perusal. Sites are visited at irregular intervals, day and night, (at least two supervisory checks in any twelve hour period) to ensure that the guards are performing their duties in line with the Job Description as laid down by the client and Area Manager.

Do you keep in touch with your clients?

Monthly management meetings are held with our clients to ensure continuous efficiency and client satisfaction. On the occurrence of any incident concerning staff or any burglaries, shootings, etc., an immediate report and investigation will be done and discussed with the clients. A monthly report regarding general security on the premises will be given to every client.

What makes your Armed Response service better than others?

All Officers are supported via the panic communications system by area response and paramedical service back up. It is important to note that the panic communication system will also assist in “locating” the area where support is needed, thus cutting down the response time. Armed Response takes pride in the response times of the Armed Response Officers in emergency situations. Our Control Room is equipped with the most technologically advanced security equipment and systems and is manned 24 hours per day, for effective control and monitoring of all our guards and vehicles. We would welcome an opportunity at your earliest convenience to give you a tour of our Control Room and Operations.

What does your company aim to achieve?

Our aim is to ensure that your guarding service is what it is represented to be along the lines of efficiency, quality and professionalism. That you receive value for the considerable amount of money being spent monthly on your security arrangements. To ensure that your assets are guarded efficiently.

What is your philosophy?

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with superior levels of service through the use of technologically, advanced security equipment and products, intense specialized training of Security Officers, and the implementation of a unique methodology in Armed Reaction. We are registered members of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA), the South African Security Association (SASA) and the South African Armed Reaction Association (SAARA).

Do your security guards have training?

To provide a security service, well-structured in terms of expertise, resources and manpower, training is essential to get the best out of each and every officer in the field. All Security Officers are, as a condition of employment, fully conversant and must abide by the regulations as set out by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Accordingly, ALL Security Officers posted at your site will have the following minimum standards: Have no criminal records (schedule one offence) Have attained minimum Standard 8 Have been graded by the PSIRA or by an accredited training establishment. Our success depends on recruiting the right person for the job. It is therefore imperative that each officer be matched to the client’s requirements and expectations. Our clients are also given the opportunity of interviewing our personnel, prior to employment on their premises. As a value added service, G911 Security can offer and implement a training period of specialist training that entails a shooting course and basic NOSA course. The NOSA courses also qualify the Security Officers to act as safety and health representatives. All specialists training will be discussed with the client to establish their specific needs and the costing proposal will be adjusted accordingly.

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