What We Offer

Advanced Monitoring System

We offer premium security aids like CCTV cameras carried out by our specialized technical division and monitored by our dedicated control room.


Special investigations unit to assess and ratify possible losses of a company due to pilfering.

A CYBER CRIME division serves to unlock internal or external cases of sabotage. Due to the nature of this facet a discreet consult and action plan is instantiated to save companies from unnecessary losses.

Unarmed Guarding and Armed Response

We have a dedicated 24 hour control room and guards on standby that are ready to assist.


Special security personnel in civilian attire whom vigilantly patrol the isles in supermarkets. To scan for suspects. They are also used to check pricing and detect fraudulent initiatives.


Head-hunted specialists are engaged to carry out special engagements from armed body guards to escorts.

Special operations require high profile business people or public figures to be escorted and these can be tense situations. Our special officers are given specialized training and psychological preparation to dispense with such assignments.

Event Security

We provide security services for various events.

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